Sunday, 31 May 2009

FOR SALE: THREE ROAD BIKES, well worn and unreliable, all offers considered!
On a more serious note, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported our LEJOG challenge and encouraged us along the way. We have had an amazing time and hope that you have enjoyed following our adventure.
......what can we do next year? ........

Fri 29: In the end it was Gordon who suffered the most punctures (5 in total) so had to buy the champagne. Better luck next time Gordon!

4.35pm Fri 29: Unfortunately the man who manages the John O'Groats post (yes, that is a job) went home half an hour early to the boys dismay. What a joke!

Fri 29: At 4.35pm the boys rolled into John O'Groats after travelling nearly 1000 miles! Fantastic.....and they managed it in 9 days rather than 10!

Fri 29: Amazing scenery along the North coast of Scotland.
Fri 29: Neil slugging his way up to Bettyhill. Still "strong"!

Fri 29: Maybe this isn't so bad after all!

Fri 29: Robin somewhere between Altnahara and Bettyhill.

Friday, 29 May 2009

1045am: Contrary to expectation the boys did actually sleep at the Crask Inn (there was talk at midnight last night of hitting the road and sleeping in a ditch somewhere along the route) but opted out of breakfast. They are now around 5 miles from Bettyhill where they hope to catch a strong westerly wind to push them along to the finish.
The now infamous Crask Inn provides a, erm, unique experience...moving on....its the final day of this epic journey and the guys are heading for Bettyhill on the Northern coast before swinging a right making their way along to John O'Groats (otherwise known as John O'Grotty). Plans to stop at the Tongue Hotel for breakfast have been cancelled on account of this requiring a 6 mile detour. Its a glorious day so hopefully the boys will savour their last day on the road!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

4pm and the guys have reached the top of Struie Hill which was a bit of a slog. They reached Struie Hill after passing through Dingwall and Alness. There is a good decent down to Bonar Bridge before they push on the remaining 30 miles to the Crask Inn. This is the second day that the boys are travelling without kit. They are hoping to be joined by Anna, Zena and Allan for dinner tonight where they will be reunited with their bags.
11.50am: The guys have just passed over the Kessock Bridge at Inverness after leaving Newtonmore at 7.15am this morning - that's a lie in for them! Last night's guest house was fantastic. If you are ever in the area, check it out ( The weather is much cooler today with occasional showers but there is a gentle breeze pushing them along. They are pretty tired after their 130 mile stage yesterday but encouraged by the prospect of finishing tomorrow, a day earlier than planned.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

4pm: Neil is happily repairing a puncture in the Killicrankie/Bruar area. The guys have just joined the cycle path that runs alongside the A9. They have already covered 100 miles today and still have 30 miles to go. They are thoroughly exhausted and heading for the lovely guest house that Anna has booked them into tonight in Newtonmore. The target to complete LEJOG in 9 days is now on!

2.30pm: Neil, Robin, Brian, Ken & Gordon in Pitlochry. The Hood Family Mobile Catering Unit was in full operation again today much to the boys' appreciation. Many thanks!
12.30pm: After working their way through Fife they guys are closing in on Pitlochry with only 5 miles to go. By using back roads and lanes they have managed to avoid the A9 so far. Ken and Brian's local knowledge of cycle routes has been really helpful. At present, the boys don't know exactly where they are headed. They are aiming for Newtonmore/Kingussie but are going to see how they get on. It might be worth pointing out to them that once they leave Pitlochry there's not a great deal between there and Newtonmore so they might not have any choice!
5.40am: And they're off....the guys are heading for the Highlands today. After crossing the Forth Road Bridge they are hoping to meet up with Ken & Brian, friends of Robin, who will accompany them for a good part of the day and encourage the boys along.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Gordon, Nigel Emslie, Bill Bryden, Robin & Neil. A huge thank you to Loopy Lorna's for a fantastic evening. We'll be back....soon!